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Garage and Basement Floor Epoxy Specialists In Fairfield County

Garage and Basement Floor Epoxy Specialists In Fairfield County

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Metrocrete specializes in epoxy, polyaspartic and concrete polishing for garage and basement floors as well as commercial concrete flooring.

Polysaspartic and Epoxy floor coatings are more than a floor paint. They are engineered by chemists for a variety of uses. There are many types ranging from thin build floor paints for low traffic uses like the kits you find for the DIY applicator at most home improvement stores. Epoxy coatings are also used in tough environments in warehouses, labs and even marine decking”.

Other uses according to their website include the following,

Showrooms and Retail Stores – Many options are available for enhancing the curb appeal of your floor. Metallic epoxy coatings or stained concrete overlays and self-leveling cement with an epoxy or urethane protective finish provide a decorative non slip finish. Because epoxies and concrete overlays are seamless, they are easy to maintain.

Commercial Kitchens – Epoxy floor coatings for commercial kitchens need to be non-slip and withstand heat from ovens, cold from refrigeration plus constant cleaning. There are systems for virtually every requirement. Cove bases can be applied to perimeter wall areas are coated to the top edge for a true seamless, easy to maintain surface.

Warehouse – Epoxy floor coatings and mortar systems are available for a variety of uses. They can withstand forklift traffic, chemicals and moving carts and pallets.

Biological Flooring – You can choose from a variety of epoxy flooring systems for health care facilities. Systems are available for data centers, labs, loading docks, equipment cleaning rooms and more.

Food & Beverage Epoxy Floors – The food and beverage industry has a variety of unique flooring requirements that are met with specialized epoxy systems. Specialty room requirements include utility rooms, chemical containment, equipment washing, locker rooms, water and wet processing rooms.

Epoxy Coatings for Healthcare – Like the food and beverage industry, healthcare has specific needs that are met with epoxy, urethane and terrazzo flooring. These include bacterial resistant coatings for emergency rooms, pharmacy floors, bath rooms, showers and locker room floors.

Kennel Epoxy Floor Systems – One of the biggest issues is kennel cough. This is a contagious cough caused by bacteria which can get into small cracks in floors or even scratches. Polyaspartic and urethane coatings hard very hard preventing scratches. They can be maintained with an application of high solids floor wax then buffed with a high speed floor burnisher. The scrub and recoat floor wax system over an epoxy floor with urethane or polyaspartic finish coat is ideal for prevention of kennel cough.

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