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6 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Learn Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Why MMA is an Important Discipline For Teens and Kids

  • Self – Discipline: Your child will be able to focus and overcome distractions.
  • Mental Toughness: You child will learn self-confidence once need to react in stressful situations.
  • Self-Defense: Your child will learn proven techniques to control and submit an attacker. However, your child will learn how to avoid confrontation as the 1st alternative.
  • Goal Setting: Your child will learn how to accomplish long term goals by breaking them down into small chunk until they get the desired result.
  • Bully Proof: Your child will learn how to stand up to bullies, look them in the eyes and confidently defend themselves when non violent strategies have been exhausted.
  • Physical Fitness: Your child will lose weight, increase functional strength and improve flexibility all this while having fun.

When you are ready to speak to us about your children’s involvement in our Teen and Kids MMA program, please click the red start your free trial today button to schedule a free private lesson in the available time slots or call 203- 939-1170 to schedule your appointment over the phone.

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